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2021 McLean Box Lacrosse (MBL) & McLean Youth Lacrosse (MYL) Covid-19 Guidelines


Governor Ralph Northam has lifted Virginia’s universal indoor mask mandate to align with new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).   While masks are still required in K-12 school settings, masks are not required outdoors.  Masks are recommended for unvaccinated individuals. 


The updates to Virginia’s mask policy are reflected in amendments to Executive Order Seventy-Two and details can be viewed online.


MBL & MYL is following the guidance from CDC, VA Dept of Health, and Fairfax County to ensure all participants and families can play and remain safe.

All parents, spectators, coaches, players, and referees that are vaccinated DO NOT have to wear masks outdoors at games but should at all times maintain social distance before, during (as much as possible), and after the games.  

Any adult not vaccinated should wear a mask and still maintain social distancing.

All MBL & MYL players/parents/spectators/coaches and all visiting players/parents/spectators/coaches that attend or participate in any MBL & MYL Home or Away Games, or practices, or scrimmages, or any Lacrosse events have certifield they do not have or been exposed to Covid 19 in the past 14 days.

Any player or coach or parent that is feeling sick or been exposed to Covid 19 virus in the past 14 days is not allowed to play and must stay home.

During games & warmups, players, coaches, and referees do not have to wear masks but can if they want too and should try to maintain 6 ft distance when on the sidelines during games and avoiding contact as much as possible during games. 

If anyone learns of a potential exposure after you have been in contact with other players, coaches, family, friends, or spectators we ask that you immediately notify within 24 hours your MBL or MYL coach or Director so we can notify all possible individuals of the exposure. All health information is kept confidential. When MBL & MYL is visiting the fields or game venues of other teams, all of our players, coaches, and spectators must follw the home team field rules and covid guidelines. 

NO SPECTATORS OR PARENTS ALLOWED INSIDE THE TRACK FENCE AT MCLEAN HS at any time. All parents or spectators must maintain 50ft distance from sidelines at Linway Terrace Park or Langley Forks Park or Lewinsville Park. No parents or fans allowed on player sidelines or field endlines. No Dogs allowed at McLean HS, but are allowed at Linway Park and Langley Forks Park!

Parents and spectators are allowed to attend and watch the Fall games from the bleacher/stands outside the Track fence or sidelines at McLean HS, no exceptions, and must social distance from the other parents at all times. 

Hand sanitizer will be available at each scorer’s table. Players must bring and use only their own water bottles.

After games, only team cheers allowed, no player hand shakes or elbows or sticks. No high-fives or chest bumps after goals.

After games and a team cheer, coaches and players must exit the facility right away and meet parents/guardians outside the Track fence or 100ft from the game field and not congregate by the entrances or in big groups along sidelines.