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McLean Box League Girls Rules


BOX RULES Youth Grades: 1/2 , 3/4 , 5/6, 7/8 (5 field players + goalie, no player back)

Box RULES HS: (5 field players + goalie, no player back)

Three 15-minute periods running time, 2 min in between periods. 1 timeout  per team (1 min stopped clock) in first or second period only. No timeouts in third period.

Youth & HS - 5 field players on field plus goalie, no players required to stay back behind center line while on offense and defense, except goalie. Goalie is not allowed to go over center line. Goalie cannot shoot on goal. Goalie cannot cross midline area and cannot shoot or assist on Offense as a 6th attacker past the midfield area. A goalie must be on field at all times, no goalie team not allowed a 6th player. Outlet passes back to the goalie in crease are allowed.

There is no midfield line.

Self start allowed but not in critical scoring area. Free movement after whistle allowed.

No checking at 1/2 & 3/4 , modified checking at 5/6, & full checking at 7/8 and HS. 3-second good defense in effect for all except 7/8 and HS.

Shooting space will be called often for safety, there’s no 8 meter mark so Officials will have discretion.

One-pass rule anywhere on field, including goalie outlet to anywhere on the field. Any turnover or interception, a pass is required except 7/8 and HS. No One Pass is required for 7/8 and HS.

Ball is in play off the back of the black netting behind goals and off boards. A shot on goal that hits the goal or goalie and goes out of bounds remains with offense. A shot or a pass that goes out of bounds or gets stuck in the net/boards is a turnover.

No Back Court Rule in effect: If ball crosses back over the midfield area, it’s a free ball. Coaches not allowed on field.  All teams must supply a goalie, gear will be provided if needed. 

No stick inspection required before game. Sticks are expected to be legal, if found illegal by Official during game, player must fix and then can return. If after a goal scored by illegal stick, goal won’t count.

Modified sticks 36-40” allowed at 1/2. Regular length 3/4-7/8-HS.

No Parents behind or near bench side, or behind goal area (black netting), or at scorer’s table/tent.

Draws to start each period, 6 goal differential is free outlet pass to teammate after a goal . Only 2 players at center taking the draw, everyone else behind blue line by goal. Subs on fly. Team must clear after every goal or change of possession in defensive half, 10 secs to clear ball over midfield once possession is gained including goalie.  If goalie takes 5 seconds in her crease with ball, she then has 5 seconds to clear over midfield area. Girls 1/2, after a goal, goalie allowed free pass to teammate, but must make another pass. 

Yellow card, player comes off, serves time, team plays man-down. If team gets three yellow cards, plays down a player on offense rest of game.

Tied score at end, Brave Heart to determine winner, goalies must stay on their half.

Scores will be kept (including 1/2) to determine games schedules at end of the season, no playoffs but balanced competition. 


We will play FREE MOVEMENT RULES, please see below.

Please use all appropriate mechanics – signal stopped clock for situations even though the clock will NOT stop.


1.      No self start on stopped clock situation (CARDS) (yes, players can move)

2.      No self start on OFFSIDES and AP. You must blow your whistle to restart play. Players are allowed to move. For offsides - Be sure to count to make sure there are the correct number of players from both teams below the restraining line before restarting play.

3.      No self start on ALL FOULS in the CSA (attack or defense)

a.      3 seconds – No self start on 3 seconds even though the ball may be outside the CSA. The player in 3 seconds will be penalized and must go 4 behind ball.  Play restarts with a whistle.

4.      Penalty Administration for ANY midfield foul.  Players may move. NO ONE SERVES A PENALTY.

A.      Self start must begin within 5 yards relative to spot of foul

B.      Player taking free position MUST come to a stop before self starting

5.      NON ENGAGEMENT AREA ON FREE POSITIONS: All players and must be 2 meters away from the player taking the free position. (All players sticks and bodies MUST remain outside the 2-meter non-engagement area around the player awarded the free position until the player awarded the free position self starts by either taking a step or passing the ball.

6.      If a player self starts when self start is NOT permitted, this is a false start. (under direction of USL, this was called loosely in 2019. Will be strictly enforced in 2020). For this league we will allow them to maintain the ball.

7.      8-Meter Free Position with free movement.  Players can move freely outside of the Restricted Area (Restricted Area is the complete 8 Meter Arc that extends below goal line extended to the dots. Players may be behind the goal BUT MUST be outside the restricted area. DEFENDING team is entitled to adjacent hash marks.


Questions, please call or text Bucky Morris 703-888-9916